Lifting and Anti-aging Face Exercises and Massages

Slow down the aging process without surgeries and injections
Face Yoga coach

What is covered on the master class:

  • ☘ What is Face Yoga, how it works and why it's so effective;
  • ☘ How is our face ages;
  • ☘ The impact face yoga has on muscles, skin brain and internal glands;
  • ☘ How it improves appearance, health and well-being.

Main focus will be on actual FACE WORKOUT. You will be introduced to easy and the most effective exercises for the entire face and neck. We will have fun learning and practicing them together in a group setting.

You will discover how:

  • ✔ to tone and straighten muscles on the forehead, temples and under the chin;
  • ✔ to build and plump the cheeks muscles;
  • ✔ release tension from round mouth and eye muscles;
  • ✔ ease pain from masticatory(chewing) muscles;
  • ✔ promote better lymphatic drainage and blood flow.

Сlass will be held on Zoom and will be approximately one hour(maybe longer, depending on questions).

Recording of the class will be saved for seven days after for your convenience.

The price is 39.99$

Naturally tighten and lift the face;

On the Master Class You
Will Learn How To:

Firm up sagging skin and get rid of the double chin;
Eliminate dark circles and bags under eyes;
De-bloat a puffy face;
Regain skin elasticity and healthy glow;
Improve posture and release tension from
the neck;
Reduce wrinkles and fine lines;
Improve facial asymmetry.

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Results of My Clients

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Hello, I'm Anastasia

I'm the founder of Holistic FaceGym. I turned 33 this year and I feel I am getting younger every year. Face yoga changed not only my face but my entire life

I discovered face gymnastic in 2019 and shortly after that become a certified teacher. I learned Mioreforming method by Margarita Levchenko, Sculpting face technique by Yakov Gershkovich, and Glowingface Program.

My mission is to teach women how to look younger, feel more confident and happy!

Let's glow together!

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Want a Personalized

answering all of your question during and after the class.
full support on helping to implement face exercises to your daily beauty routine;
recorded video of the class so you can practice at home;
️anti-aging tips and advices;
personalized program for your face including exercises, lymphatic drainage massage techniques, buccal(intraoral) massage and vacuum cups massage(optional);
facial diagnosis;
Get started today with a private class that includes:
Five individual classes bundle — $300
One 60-min individual class — $65
How do I know if face yoga works?
Face yoga works as long as you have muscles on your face. Indeed, there are 57 muscles on our face and neck that also need our attention and love. Muscles serve as a frame for the whole face and hold everything together. By activating and developing facial muscles we make this frame strong and solid. As a results our face appears lifted, healthy and radiant.
Who is it for?
Face yoga works wonders for women or men of any age. You don't need any special equipment for it, just your hands.
How to get the best results?
There are two keys to success in face yoga: consistency and the right techniques. If you do exercises regularly 4-6 times a week 10-15 min a day you will be amazed by the results. It does take a month or two to see visible changes. The great advantage of face yoga is that changes have an accumulative effect: the longer you do it, the grater improvements you will see. The other thing is you don't need to know 100 exercises, its about learning 10-20 correct ones by heart and following the routing.
Can I create even more wrinkles?
Yes you can. If you are performing exercises incorrectly, for example not placing your hands at the right place. The other great example is overtraining the muscles that are already being tense and overworked. On my classes, I do not allow any wrinkling the face and teach the exercises that balance your face nicely.
I am afraid I can overstretch my skin
by doing exercises?
Our skin follow directly the muscle. So if the muscles are weak and atrophied, skin doesn't have a place to lay down on, and it starts to sag down and wrinkle. If muscles are toned and have a good volume, skin appears firm and smooth.
What if I only want to work on one area,
for example the eyes?
Facial muscles are different from our body muscles, they connect one way to the bone and another way to other facial muscles and skin. It means that they are interconnected and effecting each other a lot. It's important to activate and develop all the facial muscles and in the right order to get the best possible results. For instance, if you do only exercises to plump cheeks, it will look unnatural and will create hollowness under the eyes.
Can I do face yoga if I have fillers,
botox or threads?
Yes, you can but I recommend to wait at least 4 weeks after your treatment. Also you can do exercises for the other areas to created balanced look. For example, if you you have botox injections on the forehead, you can work on firming and lifting double chin and defining jawline

Lifting and Anti-aging Face Exercises and Massages

It's time to say hello to bright, healthy skin, sharp jawline and sculpted face

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